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  • I know we’re wrong for each other, we should be sworn enemies, but instead, I can’t seem to get him out of my head... or my heart.


    Before I was turned, I was at the end of my rope. No hope for the future, and no focus for my passion. Every night I long for something more; I never expected being immortal would be so... boring. There has to be more to it than hunting humans and skulking in the shadows.

    All I have to cling to is one memory—the only human memory I savor: Jacob. I thought I’d never see him again, but fate seems to have other plans.


    I thought Azrael was dead, lost to me forever. Now he’s back in my life, I can’t get enough of this dark-haired man and his intoxicating kisses. I know he wants to protect me, but I’m done playing it safe. Azrael might be wrong for me, but I can’t keep him out of my mind, and I want him in my bed.

    As Azrael and Jacob reconnect, their second chance at love is threatened by a dark secret that could keep them apart forever. Can they conquer their differences and cheat fate? Can they overcome centuries of animosity to achieve true happiness?

    Azrael must choose: his vampire family or his relationship with the only man he’s ever cared for. One thing is certain, when the sunlight fades to night, passions will rise!

    After Dark is the fourth book in the Heart's Desires series but can be read on its own as a standalone. Full of sensual encounters and steamy supernatural gay romance, After Dark is best enjoyed by mature readers.