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  • History is replete with famous, amazing and world-changing people…who just happened to prefer the company of their own sex over that of the opposite sex, such as Leonardo da Vinci, Plato, Aristotle, Shakespeare, Tchaikovsky, Alexander the Great, Eleanor Roosevelt, Queen Christiana, Socrates, Florence Nightingale, and millions more. In our present day, it is widely accepted to be out and open as a Two-Spirit person, but that has not been the case throughout history. Instead of the LGBTQ term, I prefer to use the Two-Spirit definition for who some are, which denotes a balance of the masculine and feminine gender; a term coined by the North American Indigenous.Like myself and most Two-Spirits that I have known, it was not an easy life for us to fit into society’s heterosexual world. But now, times have changed, and we have been experiencing a powerful paradigm shift, and it is past time for us to accept and honor the great gift that Creator has bestowed upon us as a Two-Spirit, and with that gift, go out into this chaotic, troubled, confusing, sad, fearful, dangerous, masochistic, destructive, and uncertain world and make our indelible mark on it, whereby we have the gifted attributes to make changes for the betterment of humankind and the planet.Thankfully and amazingly, we now have a Two-Spirit presidential candidate for the highest office on the planet. Although the USA may not be awakened and wise enough to accept such a gifted leader, nevertheless, along with the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, Robin Roberts, and Anderson Cooper, Mayor Pete Buttigieg has broken down many barriers and glass ceilings, and thereby awakened a huge percentage of our populace to the attributes and qualities as to what a Two-Spirit leader can offer. This book showcases many of those throughout history and introduces the open-minded reader to a new way of thinking.