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  • Derek has lived his entire life in the shadow of his father’s legacy. When he’s chosen for a dangerous mission, he decides it’s time to start following his heart and making his own way in life.

    Other packs have always admired Derek’s family, holding them up as an example of what werewolves should be. With a rich history and even greater legacy, Derek has always been burdened with carrying on their traditions. Unable to follow his own wants and desires, he’s never been able to forge his own path, until now…

    When a distant werewolf pack send for help Derek finds the escape he’s been waiting for, and not even an arrogant but irresistible alpha will keep him from becoming who he’s always wanted to be.

    Breaking Tradition will introduce you to a brand-new world of pleasure and delight. With seduction around every corner, this story is filled with graphic detail and steamy encounters. 18+ readers only please!

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