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  • The book version of "Christianity and Homosexuality Reconciled: New Thinking for a New Millennium!" has been available on the internet in various digitized formats from its first copyright in 1999 up through the publication of this edition in 2017. During that period of time, the book has had more than 200,000 downloads.

    This book presents biological, historical, and scriptural aspects for understanding the reconciliation of Christianity and homosexuality from a Christian evangelical perspective. This well-read book fulfills its promise to be especially helpful to both heterosexual people and homosexual people who are struggling with the issue of reconciliation from a Biblical perspective.

    Titles of this book’s chapters include: “Reconciliation and Coming Out” (Chapter One), “Controversial Human Rights Issues in the Christian Church” (Chapter Two), “The Seeming Dilemma” (Chapter Three), “Revisiting Sodom and Sodomites” (Chapter Four), “Levitical Law and Grace” (Chapter Five), and “Christian Ethics and Homosexual People” (Chapter Six).

    This book is meant to be read, reread, and studied. Its author hopes that each reader takes to heart the truths contained within it, that its truths help each reader to grow spiritually, and that each reader is inspired and better prepared to discuss and share these truths with others.

    This book is intended to serve the God of the Holy Bible by serving others and to serve others by serving God in providing a clearly-written and cogent account of how Christianity and homosexuality are reconcilable to each other (i.e., compatible with one another). Readers with inquiring and open minds will not be disappointed with the well-researched theme of this book.

    All net proceeds from the sale of this book go to support branch campuses of Christ Evangelical Bible Institute (CEBI) outside of the United States. CEBI International Branch Campuses are currently located in India, Tanzania, and the Philippines.