• Asexuality (an orientation where someone does not experience sexual attraction) is widely misunderstood. Or worse: ignored. Until it becomes common knowledge that asexuality exists as a sexual orientation, then people who DO relate on the spectrum will continue to struggle internally (feeling alone, broken, or flawed) and externally (in relationships, and life in general).

    The Lonely Ace of Hearts begins with a general introduction about asexuality as an orientation, debunking the most common myths, and then guides readers through the most common struggles. Defining and Understanding Your Identity. Achieving Self-Acceptance. Coming Out to Friends & Family. (Or, not.) Dealing with Loneliness. Then (and only then) can we work on the struggles with Love, Dating, Sex, and Relationships. 

    This book is not about "dealing with life as an asexual"... it's is about (ultimately) Embracing the Asexual Identity.

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