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  • John gave up on the traditional ways of meeting men in the bars, adult bookstores, and parks. In time, he became a compulsive, successful street cruiser. After cruising the streets and having adventures for a number of years, he met Jose while cruising in Chicago’s Little Village. His attraction to Jose became his obsession. John lured Jose into a relationship which both of them needed. John needed a more stable life with one partner while Jose needed a friend who offered him a solid foundation in which he could escape his criminal life involving the sale of prostitutes and the use of drugs. Yet, John’s notorious past as a street cruiser in the area is widely known by the locals, which concerns Jose, as he wants to keep his own reputation as a macho ladies’ man. Equally, Jose’s history as a very handsome and successful criminal on the street concerns John greatly. Shame in one another’s pasts causes friction between them, to the extent that both of them are tempted to return to their former street lives. In an effort to save their crumbling relationship, at John’s suggestion, they share the stories of their sordid past street lives, as they had never confessed to anyone. Jose agrees to the plan and their individual truths are revealed. While Jose’s revelations of criminality interest John, John’s detailed revelations of his street cruising past excite Jose. However, as intended, does the sharing of personal pasts create an understanding of one another? Does it create a foundation of honesty and trust that can save their relationship? Or, do their revelations drive them further apart? Gay, adventure, fiction.