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  • How does it feel to be introduced to your children for the first time?

    Trevor and Shaun are a gay couple who decide to adopt two young siblings.

    This is Daddy Trev's Diary, which chronicles the two years from when they adopted Alexis Carrington - a four-year-old little lady with a penchant for Chanel couture, and the kindest heart a father could wish for - and Little Angel/Goblin Boy - a three-year-old boy with a smile that could melt any heart, but who remains unchallenged and undefeated in the Tantrum Throwing Olympics.

    A must-read book for any parents thinking about, or going through, the adoption process. It can be quite a journey, and this book will provide some welcome light relief and some belly laughs as a distraction. An interesting and comical take on the journey of adoption for a family. A book that details hilarious anecdotes that all parents can relate to, and laugh along with, and perhaps even shed a tear over.

    Join the four of them on their hilarious adventures from when they first became a family, through to the day Daddy Trev and Daddy Shaun got married, with their children beside them. A family complete!

    A fantastic true account of an inspiring and hilarious adoption journey of a modern-day LGBTQ family.

    Get to know Daddy Trev and Daddy Shaun, as they get to know their children in this heart-warming, real life tale of parenthood and adoption.

    Read about the bizarre and wonderful conversations and situations they had with their children. A book all parents can relate to and giggle along with.

    About the Author:

    Trevor Davis-Webb is a husband and father in the North-East of England. He released his first book when his 7-year-old daughter, Alexis Carrington, had ran out of Chanel No. 5, and demanded a three-week luxury cruise to the Maldives to escape the glare of the playground paparazzi. Daddy Trev had no other alternative than to put his writing skills to good use to ensure Alexis was kept in the lifestyle she aspired to. He also needed to ensure that his son, Little Angel/Goblin Boy, was sufficiently pacified with a Cornetto each time he threw a wobbly – which is too often to be able to afford such ice creams on his meager wage as an office worker. Alexis is standing over his shoulder as he writes this short biography, wafting her passport in his face as he frantically types.


    Diary of a New, Fat, Adoptive Dad is already receiving 5 STAR reviews from readers who have taken this book and this family to their hearts:

    'This book has most of the London commuting public thinking I’m mad. I’ve laughed out loud in public more times reading this than I have my entire commuting life. I actually had tears from laughing. I highly recommend this book for ANYONE. It’s a perfect read.'

    'Laugh out loud funny!'

    'Heart-warming, inspiring, hilarious, wonderful, relatable, easy to read, couldn't put it down, would love to read a sequel in years to come. Just a nice heartfelt, feel good story that anyone can enjoy.'

    'I laughed. I cried. Then laughed some more.'

    'Could not put this book down!'

    'Inspiring, heart-warming and witty. Lots of relatable anecdotes all parents can identify with, but presented in such an original concept with genuinely belly laughing moments.'

    This book would make an ideal and lovely Mother's Day gift - guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face. It has already touched the hearts and tickled the ribs of so many readers!