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  • Alex goes on a journey to find the perfect pet. He visits his friends and plays with a singing pig, a curious panda, and many other wonderful animals – depicted throughout by rhythmic text and charming illustrations.

    Along the way Alex meets his friends’ families – traditional, adopted, divorced, blended, IVF, same sex and others. These family forms are not presented as “different”, but are treated as a normal part of today’s world. 


    "This is a beautiful book about different types of families - donor conceived, adopted and traditional, and the love they share for each other and their special pets. This book is a wonderful introduction to "non-traditional" families. Highly recommended." Kate Bourne, Chair of the Australian and New Zealand Infertility Counsellors' Association.

    “This is a delightful book for parents to share with their children. It can be used to start conversations as well as make families laugh. Importantly it helps to normalise “alternative” family forms and enriches character growth in young children. This joyful and cheerful book is a must for every family.” Dr Stella Kwong, psychiatrist, family therapist.