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  • How can he want to call his best friend’s son Sir? Or even worse…Daddy?

    Cornell is broken after losing his best friend, Jonas, and getting hurt himself. He’s too old, too imperfect to ever attract a Dom again.

    Until Rhys.

    When Rhys gives him commands, Cornell yearns to obey.
    When Rhys takes care of him, Cornell wants to kneel for him.
    When Rhys is everything he’s dreamed of, Cornell aches to call him Sir.
    And when Rhys makes him fly, Cornell soars higher than ever before.

    But there’s one problem. Rhys is twenty years his junior…and he’s Jonas’s son. How can you want to call your best friend’s son Sir…or Daddy?

    Firm Hand is a standalone slow burn MM romance with daddy boy care, an age gap, a very caring Daddy and a boy who needs it, hurt/comfort, mild D/s play, and all the feels.