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  • REMEMBER . . . ?

    …the thrill of secret tea parties and Barbies with your favorite cousin?

    …the joy of head towels that unfurled into the long, silky tresses of a movie star?

    …the jolt of discovery when Mom’s pumps opened a magic portal onto runway glory?


    Remember the moment it all made sense?


    Set on the day when “the Music in his head” matches “the Music playing Out There”—Frilly Phillie & The Pink Parade movingly recounts Big Phillie’s first boyhood adventure at “the parade with the pink sound.” Where amid the fun, chaos and many hats, he meets a character of splendiferous charms—Miz K. Francine—drag performer par excellence, who befriends and guides him into seeing the transformative power in owning one’s “frilliness;” while pointing out the remarkable beauty inherent in being “Different,” a “Sissy,” “Unnatural.”

    Told in rhyme and glorious Technicolor illustrations, Frilly Phillie & The Pink Parade is a picture book for gay grownups of—um…err… …a certain age…—who haven’t lost the queer bloom of their younger days, or their ability to . . . REMEMBER?

    Chock full of the humor and theatrical goodies that makes being gay so sensational, fans of RuPaul, Tales of the City and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy will absolutely love love love Frilly Phillie & The Pink Parade!

                                                     FRILLY PHILLIE & THE PINK PARADE

                                                 The kids’ book we all wished we had, but . .