• Each relationship is as unique as you are. Rather than rely on a one-size-fits-all approach to relationship success, Jeffrey Chernin, PhD, will help you to acquire a better understanding of yourself and how to be in a long-term, intimate relationship. In this warm and compassionate guide, Dr. Chernin helps us answer the questions we long to answer:

    How can I build a long-lasting partnership?
    Why am I afraid to get close to someone?
    How can I open myself to deeper, more intimate communication?
    What can I do to put an end to ongoing fights and stalemates with my partner?
    How can I meet someone to share my life with?

    Having counseled gay men for more than twenty years, Dr. Chernin shows how you, too, can build a strong, lasting relationship. Discover the love and intimacy that await you.

    Get Closer focuses on how to find a potential partner, how to be more satisfied in your current relationship, and how to change unhealthy relationship patterns. For some of you, the information will be the final pieces that complete the puzzle of what it takes to be in an intimate relationship. For others, it will serve as a timely reminder of how to go forward.

    If this is your first book on intimacy for gay men, it will provide you with a lot of new and useful information. If not, It offers a unique perspective on relationships.

    Whether it's your first book on relationships or your last, reading this book will help you'll learn more about relationships by looking at yourself from an objective point of view. The book is designed to help you develop new insights and discover new tools for a long-term, intimate relationship.

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