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  • A compelling story about unexpected love, new beginnings, and second chances

    Goode College's star pitcher Gabby is nearing the end of her athletic career. With only one more chance at winning the national championship before she graduates, Gabby is determined to play the best season of her life and enjoy her final year with her teammates. Her plans are shattered when her biggest rival Brooke transfers to the team.

    If Gabby can't get over her complicated past with Brooke and focus on the most important season of her career, she will find herself watching from the dugout. As they are forced to reconnect, Gabby is faced with either forgiving Brooke or failing her team.

    If enemies are forced together, can their intensity be transformed into something else - something just as passionate?

    Goode Girls Steal is an entry in the bestselling Goode Girl lesbian romance series, telling the stories of women loving women in and around a small, all-women’s college in Northern Florida. Books can be read in any order.