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  • Joe Withers is a wanna-be warlock, and when he loses his job he decides to get revenge by transforming his boss into a cute little redheaded schoolgirl. Unfortunately, Joe turns himself into a schoolgirl instead... and now he's the one who's going back to school.

    The other girls bully him, the boys have crushes on him, his big brother treats him like a kid and he even has to take sex ed class again! And if Joe doesn't figure out how to change back soon, he'll be stuck as Josie forever.

    Mindi Flyth's new novel is a twisted comedy, a drama, a supernatural tale and a transgender adventure, capturing all the confusion, terror, frustration and fun of Joe's age regression transformation. Joe's about to learn that life as a little girl isn't all sugar, spice and everything nice!

    (60,000+ words including an author's afterword about the book's creation. This book contains some mature language and is not intended for younger readers. Find more of Mindi Flyth's work at Mindiflyth.blogspot.com.)