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  • “I’ve been a fan of Aurora's dirty stories for a while now. Her characters are Relatable and the narrative is so compelling. . . It’s been a pleasure experiencing this story through the eyes of Mel!” – Kevin Harper
    Mel is a man who is down on his luck. Over the years one failed diet after the next has left him run down both mentally and physically. Mel values video games over lifting weights and fatty snacks to carrot sticks. He is the polar opposite of his roommate, Adam.
    Then one day everything changes. Just when Mel believes there is no hope and is content to sit around playing video games all day, Adam makes Mel an offer he can’t refuse.
    Mel works harder than he ever has before with Adam by his side. While Adam is ripped, his self-esteem took a hard hit. Women are only interested in his body, noting nothing of value in his mind.
    For both, there is a path of recovery and acceptance waiting to be discovered. As Mel works toward his goal, he discovers more than just a roommate in Adam. The two grow closer with each passing day and each passing milestone.
    There is nothing they won’t do to make sure the other happy and cared for. Even if what makes the other happy is out of their comfort zones. Eventually, the pair find their comfortable friendship growing into something that means so much more. One night and one realization are enough to send their worlds spinning in a way Mel never imagined.
    While Adam may teach Mel about getting fit, Mel is about to teach Adam a wealth of knowledge. Together, their worlds will be opened up in ways they have never imagined before. Together, they are on a path that will forever change their lives and expose who they really are inside.