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  • “If all the world's a stage according to Shakespeare, it's all one big movie screen to Hadleigh, who's evidently taking up where the great gossip columnists of yesteryear left off. In this collection of interviews…the author continues his probing of the ever-popular topic of the sexual proclivities of Hollywood actors.”—Publishers Weekly

    In this rare, no-holds-barred collection of interviews with Hollywood icons from the Golden Age of movies—Cary Grant, Anthony Perkins, Liberace, Cesar Romero, among others—renowned entertainment journalist and historian Boze Hadleigh goes straight to the source and opens the film worlds closet door onto another era. Secret love affairs, confessions, gossip about the personal lives of other closeted gay and lesbian stars, stories of surviving the relentless homophobia of the period, arrests, and more are all discussed at-length out in the open with Hadleigh on the condition that the interview not be published during the actor’s lifetime. Included in this new edition are two new interviews never before published—one with Marilyn Monroe’s Seven Year Itch costar Tom Ewell and a second with Bewitched star Dick Sargent.
    “Books like Vita Ruso's The Celluloid Closet and Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon abound with rumors about the sexual appetites of Hollywood stars. Hadleigh on the other hand seeks to provide firsthand reports.”—Library Journal

    Boze Hadleigh, author of Celebrity Feuds! and Hollywood and Whine, has written more than 15 books. The author splits his time, when not traveling the world, between Beverly Hills and Sydney, Australia.