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  • The topic is male-to-female transformation. Some people call it makeover, that works too. The text is written predominantly from the view that you are new to crossdressing and feminisation but want to develop a female persona of some kind be it permanent or just for a temporary indulgence. If you are an old hand then you may also find a few helpful tips or insights that will further enhance your look, style, or dressing technique. An assumption is that you were not socialised as a girl. As a result, we need to revisit and spend time on all the little things females seem to find so natural and take for granted. Getting in touch with your femininity is a mixture. An ensemble if you will of lots of things. When you see an ultra-feminine woman, the way she acts and dresses, the way she walks and talks, and oozes sensuality you know there is something more going on than just putting on a dress.
    Part I considers what you want to achieve with your girl time. We look at what makes us physically one sex or another and how flexible and open this is to change. Then we move onto how to treat your body right and indulge in all those little things that make a woman feminine. In Part 2 we go on to consider ways to sculpt or contour your body so that it remains in proportion but more idealistically female. We look at boobs, butts, and tucking. In Part 3 we move onto dressing the body. We consider the wonderful world of sexy lingerie and underwear and how the right materials and textures can give you that lovely feminine feel. Then we look at clothes and how the right cut and hang of materials as well as patterning and combinations can flatter your figure. And, finally we consider movement and deportment. In particular, how to walk in those ultimate expressions of female sexuality your heels.
    The material is arranged into nine helpful chapters that not only produce a more female appearance but also develop feminine traits and work on your socialisation into female ways. We also give you a shopping list for the things you need at each stage.
    Chapter 1 looks at why people dress and the idea of being feminine. Chapter 2 considers the limits of biology and how easy it is to physically change from male to female. Chapter 3 looks at ways to pamper your body and get that healthy smooth skinned look. Chapter 4 considers body types and how you can use foundation wear to get your female proportions just right. Chapter 5 is all about breasts and how to design your perfect female boobs. Chapter 6 does the same for bottom shapes and how to pad and tuck to get that all girl profile. Chapter 7 looks at lingerie and the essentials for your intimate wardrobe. Chapter 8 shows you how to dress right for your body type and get the best look you can with your proportions. We consider cuts of clothes and the type of shoes that every girl should know about. Chapter 9 is all about posture and deportment. We show you how to walk properly in your heels and develop the essential movements that will mark you out as female.