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  • Book Description In 1979, Joanne Fleisher was leading the life of a typical suburban wife and mother. That is, until she fell in love with a female friend and her world was turned upside down. In Living Two Lives, Fleisher draws on her experiences, as well as on those of readers of her “Ask Joanne” advice column and support community (, to create a guide for women grappling with the difficult process of coming out while being married to a man. This second edition of Living Two Lives notes the many changes that have occurred since the original publication in 2005. Gays and lesbians are more visible in the media, in political discourse, and popular trends. Yet married women who come out later in life still feel confused and isolated; they face the burden of possibly breaking up a family and of changing their sexual identity. Fleisher updates the discussion of sexual identity, delves deeper into lesbian relationships, issues of coming out when older or without a partner, and the joys and challenges of stepfamilies. The expanded Resources section of this edition helps readers negotiate evolving internet and multimedia information to address their primary concerns. A licensed clinical social worker, Fleisher has conducted married women’s weekend conferences, individual and couple therapy sessions, and national and international consultations for women who are navigating this journey of awakening. She brings a wealth of insight to this guide, addressing such issues as initial feelings of same-sex attraction, coming out to husbands and children, managing the roller coaster of emotions, making life-altering decisions, exploring lifestyle options, and moving into a new chapter of life.