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  • If exposing the past will turn everyone against you, but save the man you love, would you risk your sanity to uncover it all?


    Kade’s sanity is unraveling. Back home with Ollie, everything should be normal. Except now he knows he might have been betrayed by his best friend.

    Digging into Ollie’s past, Kade uncovers history of a war torn country, Ollie’s family running for their lives, and the treachery that held two children hostage.


    When someone tries to kill Ollie, Kade has to find a way to expose all the deception, find the truth, and do whatever he must to protect his future with Ollie.


    Note: This MM romance features a tattooed ex-Marine, a former model with a passion for manties and sticking his nose into mysteries, PTSD inspired nightmares, and an epic wedding. Second edition.