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  • Transitioning from male to female is more than just changing your body. You don’t just become a woman, you become a woman within your local female culture. And becoming woman is not a destination, it is a profoundly life changing fork in your life. You need to discover what the right path is for you, make a plan for your best transition to whom you want to be then learn the day to day things that you would have learned had you been raised female.

    This book guides you through this path, suggesting ways for self discovery and evaluation. It provides guidelines for a smooth transition that minimizes your exposure to discrimination and hate violence. Much of this book focuses on the things you would have been taught had you been raised female from grooming to choosing clothing and accessories that enhances your femininity.

    This book was written specifically for male to female transsexuals who need to change their external gender to be anatomically female if they are ever to find peace within themselves and a comfortable fit within society. While this book is not written specifically for them, people who identify as transgender and want to live their lives somewhere in between the established male and female dichotomy will find much of this book to be helpful.


    A theory on gender identity - A theory for why we are the way we are

    Explore your options - We are all different and there is no single life path that is best for all of us

    Transitioning - Recommendations for achieving a successful transition while minimizing exposure to discrimination and hate violence.

    Walk the Walk - How to walk and carry yourself

    Talk the Talk - Suggestions on how to alter your voice

    Clothing - A road map through the women’s clothing department and how to dress to flatter your figure

    Accessories - How to accessorize to enhance your look without overdoing it

    Undergarments - How to choose the correct undergarments to enhance your looks

    Your Face and Hair - There is more to looking feminine than just growing your hair out. It is more about bone structure and styling

    Some Final Thoughts