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  • As an orphan of war, Dante had lost almost everything. Even his prestigious lineage, the only thing left of value, had been promised away to forge peace. But a chance encounter has his heart wanting to forge its own path.

    As a child, it was decided that Dante’s future would belong to the Alpha of a former enemy pack. Since then, his life has been focused on preparing for that day. From combat lessons to etiquette, he has been instructed in everything he will need to know to become the perfect partner.

    But when a mysterious wolf shows up, it sparks more than just Dante’s curiosity. As their friendship grows, he is faced with a seemingly impossible choice. Does he fulfill his duty to his people, or cast everything aside for the sake of a romance unlike any he has known before?

    Promised Passion is a captivating story filled with love, lust, and heart-wrenching emotion. The encounters are intense, the details are sexy, and the men are hot enough to make any decision difficult. 18+ only please!