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  • Robbie had never asked to become a girl, he had only agreed to help his mother start her sewing business. After all, the family was destitute after the death of his father. But, everything had spiraled out of control. Now he was standing in his tightest girdle and highest heels, staring at the prom gown that barely covered the budding mounds on his chest. How had he ever agreed to go on a date, and with Moose Hanahan, the crudest kid in town, even if he was the largest fullback in school history. Oh, God! That was the doorbell. Moose Hanahan was already there! Author Jillian Allen once again delves deeply into the myriad ramifications of being male or female, of being a loving husband, or an obedient wife. Join Robbie as he struggles to transform from a directionless teen to Ruby, a successful young fashion designer, and from a clueless boy into a talented young lady. Do clothes make the man…, or the woman? Set in the late fifties during the golden age of girdles, fast convertibles and cute carhops on skates, Red Ribbons weaves between the charm of a love story and the gripping drama of changing gender while growing up. Red Ribbons is appropriate for teens and above, and is a loving investigation into the intertwined phenomena we call gender and sex.