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  • What's the first rule of running a gym by and for combat vets?

    Enjoy the scorching hot scenery, but get your kicks somewhere else.

    Never mind that my cousin-slash-business partner ignores that rule every chance he gets. I don't ignore it. Ever. And frankly, between Grindr and living in one of the gayest cities in America, it's not exactly a hardship.

    Hell, it's so easy, I can do it on one leg.

    That is, until a pair of blue eyes swimming with vulnerability shows up at my door, looking for a job. He's too skinny, too mouthy, and way too young for the likes of me, but he pings that protector instinct in me, hard.

    I want to fix whatever put that lost look in his eyes, but to manage that, I'd have to do the one thing I said I'd never do.

    Break my own rules.

    Sanctuary is an MM military romance featuring hurt-comfort, found family, and a gym full of ripped men wearing tight shorts lifting heavy objects.

    This is the first book in the Wrecked Series. The characters Evie, Scout, Jake and Jean-Pierre first appear in Scout and the Lavender Girl, written under my K.C. Littleton pen name. This is a completely separate series, and does not need to be read to enjoy Wrecked.