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  • After a year being shuttled from hospital to hospital Leslie was more than ready to pull his life together, and the Bell Academy for Girls offered his best chance at redemption. All that required was convincing two hundred young ladies he was actually a girl. Perhaps his budding boobies and widening hips would help, unless the bone crushing girdles and spike heels did him in. His only other problem was being caught between Wanda the Witch and Bill the quarterback, not to mention Titillating Tiffany, the smartest and most beautiful girl in the state. How many sides could a love triangle have? Resolving that little matter would not be easy. Well, it was only nine months. If a woman could survive pregnancy, he could make it through one school year. It would be a piece of cake. Unless…. [b] Jillian Allen, author of RED RIBBONS (ASIN: B01MUBY9D1) returns with another heart-warming transgender romance. Will Leslie survive to catch his true love, or will he become the prey? Set during the straight-laced sixties, Symphony is a loving look at what it means to be male or female. [b] Return to a gentler time when boys were boys and girls were girls and never the twain were to meet. But also a time when any change from the norm was considered immoral if not illegal, when a boy in a dress was to be bullied if not despised. SYMPHONY IN PINK is a testament to a time long gone, but also a tribute to the universal quest for love in a cruel world. [b] Weaving between the charm of a love story and the gripping drama of changing gender while growing up, Symphony is appropriate for teens and above, and is a caring investigation into the intertwined phenomena we call gender and sex.