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  • A single moment can change everything.

    A university student preparing to confront the adolescent crush who betrayed him. A demon embroiled in a battle against his very nature. A soldier, mentally scarred after fighting in The Great War, torn between propriety and his heart. Though separated by time and distance, culture and reality, these young men all have one thing in common: they each stand at a crossroads in their life and face a choice that will alter the course of their future.

    These twelve tales in this collection of gay romantic fiction range from sweet to erotic, contemporary to historical, paranormal to grittily realistic. Whether centred around the fear associated with coming out, the thorny issue of trust, or the struggle for survival, each story explores in its own way the courage needed to overcome personal obstacles and take a chance on love.


    Reflections by Chase Potter
    Stranger Than Stars by J.A. Rock
    Another Story by Jamie Deacon
    Howl by Kelley York
    A Boy Named Khwahish by Dee Aditya
    Want you Bad by Lynn Michaels
    Far From Texas by Eric Gober
    The Right Words by Elinor Gray
    Class-A by Debbie McGowan
    Lockdown by Kari Jo Spear
    Dream Infected by Melissa E Costa
    Cheese and Pickle by Claire Davis and Al Stewart