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  • brings you edition 21! This new annual format, with double the number of artists, seeks to bring balance to a genre of art that overwhelmingly favors the female figure. The Art of Man features artists that are courageous enough to focus on the male figure as a significant portion of their portfolio. We bring you in-depth interviews into their thought processes, choices, struggles, and creativity in a way no book on the subject can; a buffet for the connoisseur of figurative art. This edition features 10 artists: Amnon David Ar - Israel, Dan Simoneau - USA, Karen Kruse - Spain, Kendric Tonn - USA, Len Gerwick - USA, Manolo Yanes - Spain, Miguel Ministro - Portugal, Nicolas Maureau - France, Ross Bannister - Australia, Roy D. Smith - USA, and an article about Egon Schiele by art historian Grady Harp to round out the 2016 volume. The directory includes all artists featured in previous editions of The Art of Man so you may explore the genre in more detail, plus galleries, websites, and other publications that explore the male figure in fine art.