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  • This quarterly eBook seeks to bring balance to a genre of art that overwhelmingly favors the female figure. We feature artists that are courageous enough to focus on the male figure as a significant portion of their portfolio. We bring you in-depth interviews into their thought processes, choices, struggles and creativity in a way no book on the subject can; a buffet for the connoisseur of figurative art.

    This SPECIAL EDITION focuses on artists from Japan. It includes interviews with Masahiko Takagi of Boom Productions, and five artists including Shimamura Saburou, Yujiro, Hideki Koh, Naoki Tatsuya, and Kenya Shimizu, a retrospective of the artist Shozo Nagano by Edward Moran, and the historical spotlight falls on Orientalism's influence over western art in an article by art historian Grady Harp.