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  • Knights and necromancers are never on the same side…are they?

    Sairis has known all his life that knights are not his friends…until the last few weeks, when he somehow forgot, and tumbled into bed with one. He told Roland to leave, hurt him badly, used as many cruel words as possible. And yet Roland stubbornly refuses to leave Sairis alone, half-naked and friendless in the wilderness.

    After a surreal week of shared secrets beneath the stars, they’re about to rejoin Mistala’s army as it prepares for a desperate battle with a deadly sorcerer. Sairis’s help might make the difference, but he is deeply conflicted, afraid of being trapped and stripped of his magic by Mistala’s unfriendly magicians. He’s not sure whether he’s the prince’s lover or his prize. He feels like an outlaw, trussed up across Roland’s saddle. If he could just leave them all their deaths, things would be so much easier.