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  • (Author’s note and warning: this is Volume One of Two in this tenth Tyack & Frayne story, and does have a cliffhanger end! Volume Two is available to pre-order from Amazon now with a release date of August 2020.)

    “Lee Tyack-Frayne’s summer of love – what a time he’d picked for it, with the rest of the world melting down in hate!”

    High summer in the wild southwest, and Lee and Gideon are living out a dream of family life, their daughter thriving and even the starchy-arsed minister brother/-in-law entirely human and happy with children of his own. Who could wish for anything more?

    But to Lee it does feel dreamlike, and he’s been working too hard. When one psychic flash stops a sinister intruder at a school, Gideon declares his husband off-duty for the summer, doing nothing more than look after Tamsyn and watching the apples ripen in the orchard of their beautiful home.

    Lee would be only too happy to agree, but something is wrong. The same sleepy contentment that makes these days with Gid a summer paradise is shielding him – shielding them both – from truths that ought to have been addressed between them long ago. Who is Alice Rawle, and what strange power is causing Gideon to change in its grasp? What fatal veil is blinding these two devoted men to each other’s true nature, and will the pressures from the outside world be enough to sweep all their hard-earned happiness away?