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  • This is Volume Two of Two in this tenth Tyack & Frayne story.

    “There were three monsters here for Lee to unmask. One was a jackal, one was a snake. But the third – a handsome, virile werewolf – wasn’t wearing a mask at all.”

    Things have gone wrong in the world. Lee Tyack can’t quite remember how it all began, how his solitary life diverged from a dream he sometimes has of perfect happiness with a perfect man. In the city, prey to terrifying visions, constantly on the run, he’s desolately alone.

    London is broken, racked with race riots and food shortages as political tensions rise. One man trying hopelessly to stem the tide of violence is a copper called Gideon Frayne, reluctant recruit to the Met after a shattering career failure in his Cornish homeland.

    When Lee is arrested for a murder he knows too much about, Sergeant Frayne is amongst the unbelievers. But there’s something about this fierce, fragile detainee that tugs at Frayne’s memories, as if he too once dreamed of better days.
    Strange allies and old enemies emerge from the walls of this uneasy city as Gideon investigates the murder and then Lee Tyack’s sudden disappearance from the scene. With no-one else to care about a tormented clairvoyant on the run, Lee’s chances aren’t good – unless, by some miracle of faith and loving memory, Gideon can find him and love him again.