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  • This is a family oriented book published especially for families, friends, and others interested in understanding and learning about transgendered persons. The first edition sold out; this is the expanded second edition, published in 2003. It deals with all ages and types of transgender - FTM, MTF, Intersex, crossdressing, and androgeny. It is an ideal first book for families who want to understand.

    There are seven sections. Section one is comprised of stories written by parents of very young gender variant children, i.e pre-schoolers and school age children who insisted they were not the gender their parents thought they were. Section two is by parents of adult transgenders, each describing their child's coming out process and the journey this revelation started for both the adult child AND the whole family. Section three includes stories by spouses and partners who have weathered the trauma of living through a gender change with their most significant other. Section four is by strategic others - grandparents, siblings, friends, children of trangenders.

    In Section five, transgender folks tell about coming out to their children, with both positive and some painful results. Section Six includes short autobiographies by transgender persons, who are FTM, MTF, Intersex, crossdresser, and androgenous. In Section Seven several psychotherapists talk about common issues transgenders raise in therapy.

    The back matter includes:
    Glosary of Transgender Terms
    National Transgender Organizations
    Transgender Family Reading List
    ...How to Contact Authors

    Also included are short quotations, quips, poems and items that are both profound and humorous. A quick, fun read.