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  • Rebecca Stanton writes a heartfelt story that spreads a beautiful message of LOVE IS LOVE.  This story will encourage all to remember that while every family might look and act different, they are all capable of giving and showing love in many of the same ways.

    This story is an incredible reminder to:

    Love all, Respect all, Accept all. Love is for everyone.

    Under Our Roof is a perfect book for LGBT-Inclusive Curriculum/Inclusivity in families. It shows a nontraditional family, has clever rhymes and shares the most beautiful and simple message out there, that LOVE IS LOVE.

    This story is one beautifully written poem. Under Our Roof is-Poetry for children and with the illustrations, shares a message of PRIDE.

    This book is for all ages but fits into a 3-8-year-old age range. It's a quick and easy read.


    "One of the best ways to overcome intolerance is through education and exposure to different people and viewpoints," said bill sponsor state Sen. Heather Steans (D-Chicago), according to the Washington Examiner.


    Other reviews:

    “Under Our Roof reflects every parents desire to love their child and every child's need to be loved. It does not matter what you are doing or who you are. Under Our Roof beautify illustrates that no matter the dynamics of a family Love is Love, even with TWO Mommies!”


    “The author writes about the many ways love may be expressed. Stanton stresses that love is shown by what one does not what one says. Love is kind and forgiving, respectful, and unlimited. Family and friends share experiences, apologize when needed, and share fun and laughs. Families can be traditional or non-traditional, intergenerational, multicultural or biracial.”


    “This is a great book to teach young kids about love and diversity of families! Adorable illustrations, and easy to read!”


    “This book is a great reminder of love and acceptance for all, something we seem to be forgetting in this day and age. Good read”


    “This book is an adorably written story about acceptance and love. No shame in loving your parents who might both be women. Love comes in all shapes and forms. I love that the author portrayed it in an easy to understand story for kids. The artwork is very cute and fun.
    This book would be good for children of all ages and perhaps some adults too!”


    “Rebecca does an outstanding job portraying emotions in words to where you can't help but feel the love come off of every page! The illustrations really help complement the feelings and the message that love is love no matter who it comes from. This is a book that shows us that you can love anyone and that love is a powerful feeling that everyone should have and share. I seriously had to grab a tissue for my little princess. It is worth every penny and I have bought an extra copy for my niece to read and enjoy.”


    “Thank you for writing such an inspiring book, very unique illustration, we enjoyed it, there is hope after Rainbow”